About Us

The Fellowship is a gathering of Science Fiction and Figure Modelers who meet twice monthly in Little Rock, AR for the purpose of fellowship; sharing of methods; laughter; and good food. Discussions and demonstrations about topics such as creativity in modeling, the application of color theory, scratch building methods, thinning and applying differing hues of paint, new models on the market, and our favorite science fiction characters are but a few examples of the more formal, which are informal, aspects of our meetings. We are not a club, have no formal organization, no agenda, and no long term goals. We are just friends who enjoy sharing, critiquing, improving as modelers, and the friendship of sharing our interests with one another. This website is an extension of The Fellowship; where modelers, with like minds, can share and be a part of our group when they otherwise are unable to attend in person our meetings. We welcome all who desire to participate, contribute, and join our friendship.

Contact us at thefellowship.sig@gmail.com. In the mean time, be sure to join and enjoy!


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